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Weekly Weigh In

9 stone 1 pound (no change)

I really should change this to fortnightly weigh in…;)

Weekly Weigh In

9 Stone 2 Pounds (+1 pound)

I have to admit I’ve been missing meals and going backwards 😦 I’ve been stressed and ill…in fact I’m hungry now and ignoring it…not good.

Update Post #4 – Weekly Weigh In

8 stone 12 pounds (+2) pounds

So just one more pound and I am officially a healthy weight for myself 😀

Weekly Weight In

8 Stone 10 pounds (+1 pound)

Weekly Weigh In

8 stone 9 pounds (+2 pounds)

At the moment I’m averaging about +1 pound a week, which is good as long as I can keep it on 🙂


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