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Weekly Weigh In

9 Stone 6 pounds (+1 pound)

Off to the land of sheep…and Weekly Weigh In

So…me and my partner GOT INTO OUR FIRST CHOICE UNIVERSITY!!! so we’re going to uni in wales together ­čśÇ I got AABC and my partner got BCC so we’re happy ­čÖé

Very happy. Now we just have to shop/pack…which will be interesting since I struggle to pack everything for a 2 week summer holiday…so packing for 10 months away from home will be…erm…exciting?

I have also had my anti-depressants upped from 10mg to 28mg so we’ll see how that goes. I took a depression test while at the doctors and before going on the pills I had a score of 27 and now I’m down to about 17 ­čśÇ so I’m getting better slowly.

I weigh 9 stone 5 pounds (+3 pounds) I’m still not confident about my breasts but I’m learning to love the rest of me, and my acne is disappearing ­čÖé


Weekly Weigh In

9 stone 2 pounds (-2 pounds in 2 weeks)

I think I’ve lost weight because I’m getting up at about midday at the moment and having brunch, dinner and snacks rather than breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks…so it’s nothing to really worry about, if it drops below 9 stone then I’ll start getting concerned

Antidepressant Update & Weekly Weigh In

9 stone 4 pounds (+2 pounds in 5 weeks)

I’m not sure if my antidepressants are a good or bad thing. I don’t get as badly depressed as often…but I tend to be┬ásubconsciously┬ádepressed a lot. The drugs make me happy and cover up the fact I’m depressed, but this just makes me feel like I’m walking around with a smiley face mask on. The clues tend to be I can’t be bothered to look after myself (don’t want to shower/do my hair/do my makeup/cook), I have no interest in anything I do, I have a very short attention span and I feel strange.

My partners step mum said the one’s I’m on are good and are one of the best out of all the different types.

It got really bad last night though. Me and my partner were out with friends, we’d been to the cinema and gone to the pub and I was the only girl, they were all talking about things I had no idea about and when I had something to add I tended not to be heard which made me feel a bit crap. I didn’t want to go home because I couldn’t be bothered to cook, and I’d seen a nice new restaurant I wanted to try. The fact I felt crap and I didn’t want to cook probably meant I was already depressed but couldn’t feel it because of the drugs, so going out was not a good idea as the stress of having to look happy in public makes me tired and makes the mental crash more imminent. So it didn’t get bad until the food turned up. It was a bit spicy but after 10 minutes the spiciness was too much. I didn’t want to eat it so I lost interest and felt full up. I felt down. Then I could literally feel the energy draining out of me, I felt more and more lifeless until I no longer wanted to talk or move. The crash happened so fast my partner couldn’t stop me, I ended up sitting in a restaurant with a look in my eyes that my partner says makes me look┬ácompletely┬áempty. My partner was worried about me. I had no energy and we had to cycle home. The whole evening died as I did and my partner got depressed because I was depressed and he couldn’t help me.

We’ve decided to keep on the tablets till the end of the month as the first month is the worst, so hopefully it will get better in time. I also need to not push myself socially, if I can feel I’m not happy, don’t try and do more public things that make me feel obliged to be happy.

Weekly Weigh In

9 stone 2 pounds (+1 pound)

and I feel like shit and hate myself again ­čśŽ

Easy for you to say…

Weekly Weigh In

9 stone 1 pound (no change)

I really should change this to fortnightly weigh in…;)

Weekly Weigh In

9 Stone 2 Pounds (+1 pound)

I have to admit I’ve been missing meals and going backwards ­čśŽ I’ve been stressed and ill…in fact I’m hungry now and ignoring it…not good.

Sorry I’m Late/Weigh In

Ok, sorry I’ve been quiet. I’ve been struggling with school work and stuff, but I’ll be more vocal again.

The good news is I’m now 8stone 10 pounds. I┬áremembered┬áthe other day my goal when I was anorexic ws 7 stone 7 pounds…so I’m a stone┬áheavier┬áthan┬áI was then ­čÖé

Whilst trolling through my Facebook I found this picture from┬áMarch┬álast year taken a few days after I started my relationship with my partner (we celebrated our first anniversary on Thursday :D) I’m fourth from the left and it shows how skinny I was back then…

Just for comparison this was taken around New Years time…even I have to admit I’m looking better…and that’s not something I say everyday

Weekly Weight In

8 Stone 10 pounds (+1 pound)

Weekly Weigh In

8 stone 9 pounds (+2 pounds)

At the moment I’m averaging about +1 pound a week, which is good as long as I can keep it on ­čÖé


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