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We’re not attention seekers – Anorexia Stories

YouTube comments:

This is not a proud weight loss video. This is about me losing weight I didn’t need to lose and getting completely wrapped up in a disease that could have, and STILL could, take my life. My advice is to love yourself no matter what size you are. Once you do that, if you still think you actually NEED to lose weight to be HEALTHY…eat right and exercise.

Amen. And people wonder why we relapse.. It’s things like this that people say that bring us down. People have told me that I’m too fat to have an eating disorder, that I’m doing it for attention, etc. I’m here for you girl and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t beautiful. ❤

K get to a hospital or something. That’s 63.8 pounds. You would literally be to to weak to move. Anyways, don’t tell someone who suffers from an eating disorder that you weigh less then them. If you truly knew what it was like to suffer like she has you wouldn’t even think about commenting your own weight. Get help. Don’t desperately beg for attention from strangers while potentially causing someone else to relapse.

I hope you’re able to beat the disease and get back to your original weight. You will always be beautiful, because you have a gorgeous, kind spirit, and you’re naturally pretty…but you looked, your most radiant, healthy, glowing, young, spectacular, and drop-dead stunning before you lost any weight at all =)!!!

This comment made me feel so much better and more determined to beat my anorexia:

When I watch all these anorexia videos, the saddest thing is how you all looked SO gorgeous before you lost the weight. So much prettier, healthier, all of that before you got skinny and then you didnt look half as good. God bless you with your struggle. You are gorgeous.




Sick of it all…

Before people start saying I’m an attention seeker – this is my Facebook and I’ll say what I like, you decided to friend me so shut up and take it
I’m sick of people being with me then turning against me
I’m sick of people changing stories
I’m sick of people not telling the whole story
I’m sick of people not admitting what they did wrong and acting all self-righteous
I’m sick of people not letting go, moving on and forgiving
I’m sick of people shit stirring
I’m sick of people who are blind and don’t help
I’m sick of people who are manipulative
I’m sick of people who expect others to know what they want/mean without saying any thing
I’m sick of people thinking only about themselves
I’m sick of people who are meant to be authoritative being more immature than me
I’m sick of people who don’t take the time to understand
I’m sick of people who don’t listen
I’m sick of people who refuse to accept the truth

So let me know when you’ve grown up and learnt how to talk about things like an Adult

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