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Off to the land of sheep…and Weekly Weigh In

So…me and my partner GOT INTO OUR FIRST CHOICE UNIVERSITY!!! so we’re going to uni in wales together 😀 I got AABC and my partner got BCC so we’re happy 🙂

Very happy. Now we just have to shop/pack…which will be interesting since I struggle to pack everything for a 2 week summer holiday…so packing for 10 months away from home will be…erm…exciting?

I have also had my anti-depressants upped from 10mg to 28mg so we’ll see how that goes. I took a depression test while at the doctors and before going on the pills I had a score of 27 and now I’m down to about 17 😀 so I’m getting better slowly.

I weigh 9 stone 5 pounds (+3 pounds) I’m still not confident about my breasts but I’m learning to love the rest of me, and my acne is disappearing 🙂


Silence is Golden?

Sorry I’m really quiet at the moment. My A Level results come out tomorrow so I’ll know if I’m in/which uni/if I’m with my partner, so apart from being nervous not a lot has changed. I’ll let you guys know how that goes then get back to blogging properly. On a different note, The Anorexia Diary turns 1 in 6 days 🙂 so I’ll have a nice birthday post then 🙂

Thanks for tuning in


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