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Categorizing Overhaul

OK so, on the right hand side of my blog you can see the various months. A month used to go from the 1st of every month to the end, but as my blog started 21/08/2011 a month now goes from the 21st to the next 21st which is a more accurate way of categorizing my posts and a more accurate system. Just so’s ya know


The Prequel

Before I start posting again properly I thought I’d just show you a picture of me from October and one from a the beginning of February as it’s 6 months since I started fighting my anorexia. They say you can see the change in weight best in the face of someone so I’ve cropped the pictures to be of my face 🙂


February 2012

October 2011

New posts

Been away for a while but new posts and weigh ins coming soon 🙂

After a good start with this new blog things have definatly slowed down in terms of posts and activity, bear with me…the Christmas holidays are coming up and I’ll be able to write in more detail, school is just sapping me dry 😦

the last time I weighed myself (two weeks ago) I was 8stone3, this is the longest I have every stayed above 8 stone, it’s normally a few days then I drop again, so that’s something at least. 

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