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My New Idols and How I’m Going To Boost My Self-Confidence :) Part 3

So apart from all the Glamour Magazine Body Love I also have three other things I’m doing to help myself:

  1. I have to complement myself on one physical aspect of mine everyday
  2. I have to praise myself when I do things good/right and tell my partner 10 things I praised myself for
  3. Be more committed to exercise

So complementing myself. Rather than looking in the mirror and saying how my acne is coming back…by hairs not how I want it to be etc I have to say things like “My eyes are pretty”, “My bum/boobs/stomach/legs look good today” which will help me to love myself and stop just seeing the bad in me.

I only ever punish myself, and when I get praise I don’t know how to take it so I have to praise my self when I do something well (“I got a good mark in that essay – well done”) and list 10 things I praised myself for at the end of the day to my partner.

I have been rather crap keeping up with my exercise regime so I now have to do it at least 4 days a week (the regime is here: Exercising) because there’s no point in me sitting around, complaining about my stomach if I’m not doing anything to help it…so I have to exercise more frequently.

I said to my partner the other day “I wish I saw me how you do”, he replied; “You will, and when you do, I’ll be happy – not that I’m not happy anyway but I’ll know I’ve helped and you love you like I do”

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