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PARTAY!!! (a good stepping stone)

So, I went to a friends 18th and it was a house party. ‘Twas the first house party I’ve ever been too and had a Hawaiian theme…because I like the punk/grunge style I have nothing remotely flowery or colourful…so I improvised with a sarong and a crop top. Which meant I would be showing my stomach off in public. For the first time. To my friends. And with my ‘new’ stomach (As in I have some meat on me now). And I was ok.

I got a bit nervous before hand; would I look slutty? would people call me fat?

But all that happened was I got some funny/surprised looks which were mainly people surprised I had actually done that as I tend to be covered up.

I also got a complement, one of my friends said “I looked over and I was like “ooh Chevonne has her stomach out!”, you have a good stomach” which was nice and gave me a confidence boost.

I had a good time and now feel more confident with my self

Ok so I don’t have a perfect toned stomach

Ok so I’m not a model

Ok so I don’t quite have the curvaceous figure I would like

But my body isn’t that bad

It’s actually quite nice…

Which I think is quite a good step forward for me 🙂


Here are some pics of me from said partay, enjoy xp

my favorite:

me and my partner:

I’m the crazy one on the right:

super cool dancing:

Not another bag of bones

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A little article I thought I would post

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