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Dove Real Beauty Campaign/Height-Weight Ratio

I found the Dove Campaign on the internet in which women aim to raise self-esteem and promote REAL beauty, it’s very interesting and well worth the read.

Video from the Dove campaign

I looked at this Height-Weight Ratio Chart to see where I was, at 5’8″ and 9 stone ish I’m just healthy.

This is the Dove website, if you click the Campaign for Real Beauty and look through the different categories there are loads of really useful things to help raise self esteem and help mum’s and carers help those suffering, it is aimed a girls but there’s no reason a man couldn’t use it 🙂 I will definitely be using it to help me and really recommend it 🙂


Good news 🙂 I have gained 4 pounds and have gone to 8 stone 2 pounds.

Trying to beat anorexia without a target is a bit confusing as I don’t know where I’m supposed to be aiming. Using online weight/height/age calculators I’ve found out I need to weight approximately 10 stone (gulp) which seems a long way off since the heaviest I’ve ever been is 8 stone 5 and that was last year…I think. So my aim is to get to 10 stone at some point.

I was recommended for cognitive behavioral therapy but my first session was cancelled due to the therapist being ill and they haven’t called back. In the mean time my hormones are raging inside me and I keep crying and getting angry for no apparent reason so I’m going to the doctors on Monday (17th Oct) to see what they think is happening.


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