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Back From Holiday

So here’s whats been happening:

  1. I feel more self conscious about my chest than ever
  2. I managed to wear a bikini and only felt self conscious once
  3. I walked around the town in France near me in a crop top and didn’t feel at all self conscious
  4. I have decided once again to try and get fit. This time it isn’t to tone up…it’s to stop me being such a weed. My arms are very weak and I have no stamina and I run out of energy very quickly. So I’m starting by doing 2 reps of 10 press-ups a day…but because I’m a weed I’m teaching my arms to do it so I have my lower body on a bed or chair and my upper body hanging off so my arms get used to taking weight on them. Me and my partner invested in some press up bars that you hold onto when you do them. I’m also skipping, I do 30 skips (I double bounce making it 60) to help build up my stamina. I aim to do these every day and my partner wants to get me out cycling more as well 🙂

So that’s all for now, my exam results come out on Thursday so I’ll know if I’m into uni or not….wish me luck

Press Up Bars

Jogging + sit ups

So I went jogging for the second time this week and did a lot better. I took my iPod, although I forgot to take a drink…so I’ll be doing that next time.

I ate some toast and a slow release energy biscuit before I went which helped. Last time I stopped four times on the first half of the run, then got dragged along and only had two stops the rest of the way, but this time I only had four stops and managed to jog up half the big hill at the end 🙂

We started sit ups the other day, my partner has to sit on my feet to stop them lifting off the floor lol We did two lots of 10, so 10 sit ups, rest for 2 minutes and 10 more. He made sure I used my stomach and not my neck to lift up and I didn’t keep flopping down rather than controlling it.

As my partner is my trainer he’s decided we’ll take two rest days a week, which will mean we alternate between sit up and jogging weeks, so a sit up week would be sit up-jog-sit up-jog sit up and a jog week being jog-sit up-jog-sit up-jog.

There’s no noticeable difference yet…but then after 1 week there isn’t going to be so we’ll just have to see how things go 🙂


P.S. This isn’t gonna turn into a blog about jogging, just in case you were worried…it’s not going to be The Fitness Diary in a few weeks 😉

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