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Breast Implants

What are your views?

I’m considering considering it. My partner says he’ll support me in whatever I do and just wants me to be self confident. I obviously wouldn’t do it anytime soon as I don’t have the money and I’m too young to realistically have it done.


  1. I’ll be curvy
  2. I’ll have some more self confidence
  3. I won’t feel intimidated by other women


  1. I might feel like a fake
  2. They might feel hard or sit funny
  3. Could feel like they’re too ‘confronting’

So why do I want them? Well I’m an almost A and women in my family aren’t big and women in my family get smaller every generation so there’s no chance of me getting very big. I’d like to be a C, just so I’m more curvy. The surgeons tend to do you by a minimum of two sizes anyway and A-B is not that much different. I want to be more like Marilyn Monroe than Kate Moss. But I’m worried I’ll be a fake, and that I should come to terms with myself rather than change it. But if it’s for self-confidence then that’s ok right?

What’s your opinion? Please give me a message below to let me know your views


P.S. sorry for the extended silence, I’m in the middle of exam period at the moment but expect and update mid-next week 🙂

Update Post #3 – I Am Fat

well…I feel like I am. I haven’t been very successfull with the excersising I have to admit. So here is a list of my problems:

1) I am SO stressed with school = my face is greasy and my acne has come back

2) I have a stomach…which I’m still not OK with

3) I am tiny in the chest department and feel stupid and when I wear push up/enlarging bra’s I think I look super out of proportion

4) Because of stress I have had two breakdowns in the last week

5) My partner is constantly worried I’m over doing it and I’m going mad with stress

6) Teachers are forcing me to go to a uni I don’t want to. There is a very prestigious uni I could go to, but it’s far away, I’d be away from my partner and my family for the first time, if something goes wrong I’m isolated, the stress of getting the grades (BBB) was too much, I was secretly finding ways not to get good grades so I wouldn’t have to go and it is very research based, meaning I would have all of the uni’s reputation riding on my back…but I could also go to a lesser, up and coming uni which is closer to home, the grades are lower, I could go there with my partner and it’s more creative and practical…so I want to go to the lesser one but I keep getting pushed to go to the top one.

This is me…and I feel ugly

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