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Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution 2013

So if you follow Lady Gaga on twitter you’ll probably have seen this already, but for those that haven’t, she recently launched a Body Revolution on Twitter.

It started with this:

Then her fans started posting themselves, skin disorders, deformities, missing limbs it didn’t matter:

Then there was this:

I’m not always the biggest Lady Gaga fan, but I do love it when a celebrity uses their fame and their power to inspire their fans and to try and make the world a better place. So if you want to get involved go to here: to post yourself or to support others.


My New Idols and How I’m Going To Boost My Self-Confidence :) Part 2

So continuing on along Glamour Magazine’s Body Revolution, I looked at Body-Confidence Secrets From Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn as she says how to love your body and what she hopes to achieve;

 Instead of focusing on all the bad things like, “Oh my gosh, I hate my thighs,” I say let’s look at the hair and say, “Oh wow, I’m having such a great hair day.” Or “Oh wow, my eyes are so clear today…I really like my lips….” And then eventually your mind will start to change and think of the positive things when you look in the mirror instead of focusing on the negative. It definitely takes time—it’s a habit—but just like anything else, over time, you can change the way your mind works.

and I’m gonna put some of her ideas into action… especially when it comes to cravings which I’m having problems with as when I eat chocolate my anorexia has started kicking in and telling me I’m going to get fat, so I’m taking Renn’s advice 🙂

This Exclusive Body-Image Survey: 16,000 Women Tell Their Body Confidence Secrets is amazingly helpful, it has the results compared with the last survey Glamour Magazine did in the 1980’s as well as real women’s ways of making themselves feel good about their bodies and how they fight the Voice inside their head….well worth the read.

Unfortunately the Healthy Body Image Quiz doesn’t work any more but this article What No One Ever Tells You About Losing Weight was really useful when it comes to excersise and food. Although I’m not loosing weight, it still has useful tips like not punishing yourself if you eat badly, not analyzing everything that goes in your mouth and celebrating all your successes in fitness, not just when you get to your goal 🙂

Finally, a nice way to end the article bit of this group of posts is this: 16 Ways I Learned to Love My Body where 16 different bloggers/journalists give their tips on how to love your body…

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