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Breast Implants

What are your views?

I’m considering considering it. My partner says he’ll support me in whatever I do and just wants me to be self confident. I obviously wouldn’t do it anytime soon as I don’t have the money and I’m too young to realistically have it done.


  1. I’ll be curvy
  2. I’ll have some more self confidence
  3. I won’t feel intimidated by other women


  1. I might feel like a fake
  2. They might feel hard or sit funny
  3. Could feel like they’re too ‘confronting’

So why do I want them? Well I’m an almost A and women in my family aren’t big and women in my family get smaller every generation so there’s no chance of me getting very big. I’d like to be a C, just so I’m more curvy. The surgeons tend to do you by a minimum of two sizes anyway and A-B is not that much different. I want to be more like Marilyn Monroe than Kate Moss. But I’m worried I’ll be a fake, and that I should come to terms with myself rather than change it. But if it’s for self-confidence then that’s ok right?

What’s your opinion? Please give me a message below to let me know your views


P.S. sorry for the extended silence, I’m in the middle of exam period at the moment but expect and update mid-next week 🙂

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