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Dove Real Beauty Campaign/Height-Weight Ratio

I found the Dove Campaign on the internet in which women aim to raise self-esteem and promote REAL beauty, it’s very interesting and well worth the read.

Video from the Dove campaign

I looked at this Height-Weight Ratio Chart to see where I was, at 5’8″ and 9 stone ish I’m just healthy.

This is the Dove website, if you click the Campaign for Real Beauty and look through the different categories there are loads of really useful things to help raise self esteem and help mum’s and carers help those suffering, it is aimed a girls but there’s no reason a man couldn’t use it 🙂 I will definitely be using it to help me and really recommend it 🙂



Me, Myself and I

I’ve recently been having trouble with my anorexia again and feeling out of proportion and ugly so I went searching for what REAL woman’s bodies look like. I’ve always looked at mannequins as my idols and have only recently realized they are not the true proportions of a woman as their hips are too thin. So I went looking at what a real woman looks like and came across an interesting article which I thought I would share

Click here to read it, it’s all about thinner women earning more, but men preferring curves not bones from women they are in relationships with.


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