An internet 'Dear Diary' of anorexia

Just to say…

Hey guys,

Just a quick not to say thanks for all the likes/subscriptions/views, it really means a lot and I hope I can continue to keep you interested 🙂

C x


Comments on: "Just to say…" (1)

  1. Hi C, I’m so so proud of you, firstly for your weight gain and your determination to try and stay there and secondly for being open about anorexia. I wish I was able to do what your doing but just coping everyday with the anorexia and depression I had back then, was enough. Hating the way you look is a real bug bearer, but in time you learn to accept that your body is becoming healthier and your body will change (so will your boobs). You have a very supportive partner and he thinks the world of you, between your determination and his love and support, the help from the proffessionals but above all, the help from people whom have been there and know what your going through and what has caused this in the first place, are the people whom can help.
    Keep going C, you are doing really really well.

    Lots of love T

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